Quick commerce is the new way moving forward. With companies like Zepto and Blinkit delivering groceries in 10 mins, other players have also stepped up their game and want their products to reach their customer faster. Same day deliveries are becoming so popular that most D2C brands are moving from 2-3 days delivery cycle to the same day. Now companies have gone a step further with 2-3 hours delivery slots which is very much possible now. How? The answer is DARK STORES.

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What is a dark store?

Dark stores are small storage units spread at multiple locations within the city hence closer to the customer. Dark stores are used for storages, order processing and effective last mile solutions.

How dark stores work?

Dark stores are spread across multiple locations within the city, you can store their products at multiple locations which helps them reduce cost and be operationally more efficient.

  • Store: You send over your inventory to our dark store location, then your inventory is equally distributed to multiple dark stores which helps you to be closer to your customer.
  • Pick and Pack: Once the order is received from the customer, staff at the location starts processing the order. The order is picked, packed and is ready to be dispatched. This process takes 15-20 mins.
  • Fast Delivery: After order is ready for dispatch, order is then handed over to the rider for last mile deliver. Orders can reach the customer within 2 hours.
  • Delighted Customer: Receiving orders within 2 hours improves customer experience and helps to boost up the sales.

Pikndel’s Dark Store Network in Delhi NCR

Pikndel is amongst very few players who are working on the dark store concept to help D2C brands improve sales and for better customer experience.

Our dark stores are strategically located closer to residential areas so our partner brands can reach their customers in no time. This process is helping our partners improve their efficiency and improve their sales by almost 30%.

Benefits of choosing Pikndel for your Dark Store in Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR is a huge market for D2C brands and with our dark store network, every inch on this market is very much accessible with a great service. Gone are the times when customers used to wait for 3-4 days for their products, now is the time to move to quick commerce and capture the maximum market share before your competitor does. Dark store in