Who We Are & What We Do….!!!

Pikndel understands the daily requirements of pick up and delivery and gives you a tailor made service to suit your needs. We offer doorstep pick up and deliveries with personalized touch and earn trust of our users by taking extra care of their requirements.

Business Services

When you want to pick and deliver a bulk of parcels to different addresses or send bundles of parcels to clients or even between your offices pikndel will be happy to help


Ecom / Retailers

We understand the need to have your items delivered in a speedy manner, which is why we offer your customers same day delivery and you flexible solutions


Personal Errands

You need to manage work, home and social obligations all at the same time. The least we can do for you is help you with your daily pick up and delivery requirements.


Amazing Features

Let's picture a scenario... "You're sitting in your office, surrounded with heaps of work and suddenly you get a call on your phone.. It's your lovely wife... And the first thought that comes to your mind is, "Oh shit! I forgot to pick up the dress from the tailor which she had to wear in the evening!"

Let's backtrack a bit as you must be dreading it and picture another scenario... "You just entered your office all set to give the biggest presentation of your life in the next 2 hours and you suddenly think "Crap! I forgot all my documents on my study table at home!!""

And another one... "After a completely taxing week you are just lazing around with your love on a warm Sunday afternoon and you suddenly feel like surprising her with her favorite dish from her favorite restaurant but you don't want to get out of the house so as to not arise any suspicion.."

Thinking of how to weasel out of the above situations!!?? We present to you your on-demand pick-up and delivery agent simply a click away! From your laptop to documents to party wear for last moment party scenes, we can pick and deliver it all! Not just this, if you can't go out due to your busy schedule, we shall purchase whatever you want and deliver it to you at your doorstep! And all this is as per your timelines too!

Why Choose Pikndel?

Ever faced a problem with your pickup or delivery. Worry no more. With Pikndel delivery is now just a click away.


Our Team

Brick by brick the foundation shall be laid, strip by strip the path shall be built, step by step the destination shall be reached and soul by soul the team shall be born.

Special Services

Pre-occupied with some personal / unavoidable work? Let us chauffer away a part of your tasks and help you in picking up and / or deliver your parcels for you be it your laundry, gifts, invitation cards, medical reports or even your spectacles which you forgot at your friends place. A gist of all we can do for you is as follows:-

Choose Your Timings

Depending upon the urgency of your need and the budget you can spare of us, we present to you the following timelines within which we assure you your pick-up and delivery!

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